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Community Engagement and Clinical Support

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The Community Engagement and Clinical Support Core facilitates and supports community­based participatory research by drawing on local community knowledge and scientific expertise to implement and evaluate culturally valid and effective approaches to research in Alaska Native communities. The functions of the core include:

  • Facilitating and sustaining community/CANHR partnerships by engaging the community in all phases of the research process.
  • Supporting researchers in the development and implementation of linguistically and culturally appropriate research protocols.
  • Providing technical capacity to collect clinical measures and biological samples.
  • Processing all biological specimens collected in the field and maintaining a secure biological

The CECS Core supports CANHR's central theme of community­based participatory research through strong and sustaining community partnerships with Alaska Native people. storage facility for CANHR investigators and Alaska Native participants.

Core Personnel:

  • Eliza Orr, cultural consultant, 216B AHRB, 907­474­5172,
  • Field research assistants

Fax Number: 907­474­5700