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Negem Nallunailkutaa: the Foods’ Marker Project

Project location: YK Delta

Category: Diet, biomarker development

From left to right, Kate West and Sarah Nash, both former CANHR graduate students.  Sarah worked on the Negem Nallunailkutaa project for her thesis, which she completed in 2013.This study tested whether biomarkers, or chemical measures in blood and hair, could provide accurate information on dietary intake in an Alaska Native study population.  If so, these measures could help to better clarify the relationships between diet and health in other CANHR research projects.  For this study, we worked with 68 study participants in two communities, ranging in age from 14 to 82, making visits between 2008 and 2010.  We measured diet over a month using weekly diet interviews (24 hr recalls), and then collected blood and hair samples for biomarker measurements.  .  We also worked with previously collected blood and hair samples from the CANHR I study.  We found that stable isotope ratios provided strong, valid measurements of traditional marine food intake (fish and marine mammals) as well as of dietary sugar intake (total sugars, added sugars and sugar sweetened beverages).  We then used these biomarkers to demonstrate how intake of traditional foods and sugars were related to health.  We found that traditional food intake was associated with lower blood pressure and increased adiponectin, a hormone that improves the body's sensitivity to insulin.  Sugar intake was associated with increased blood pressure and triglycerides, which are bad fats in the blood.  This project is now completed, although the biomarkers are being used in several ongoing CANHR research projects.

Project Staff: Dr. Diane O'Brien, Sarah Nash (PhD 2013), Dr. Kyungcheol Choy (postdoctoral researcher), Scarlett Hopkins, Eliza Orr, Anna Peter-Raboff, Kristine Niles,

Funded by: NIH COBRE II P20RR016430 and NIH R01DK07442

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