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Drawing on historical strengths to prevent problems in the future

Unlike other suicide and substance use prevention programs that focus on the effects of trauma and looking for warning signs, Qungasvik focuses on the strengths that have helped people thrive in the region for millennia. It’s a framework developed by Yup’ik people for Yup’ik people, and it is adapted by people in each village to fit their local needs.
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Yup'ik Communities Turn to Indigenous Knowledge to Prevent Risk for Youth Suicide

The Qungasvik prevention model helps to improve the lives of Yup'ik community members.
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Rural Alaska Honors Institute

Jynene Black made room in her corner of Bert Boyer's lab for a brand new high school graduate last summer.
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Provider profile: Dr. Joe Klejka

Dr. Joe Klejka, one of CANHR's advisors and collaborators, was profiled in the YKHC's newsletter, The Messenger.
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Communities using new spin on tradition to help youths

A drum. A basket. The seasons. The migration of game and fish.
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A shot of my life:

UAF student Lakeidra Chavis talks about the culture of drinking in college and interviews Monica Skewes, CANHR researcher.
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Cultural values help Alaska Native people cope with stress and trauma

Denis Shelden left his Yup’ik family to go to school when he was 10 years old. He was 19 when he returned home, Western education completed.
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Native cancer support group gives residents a chance to tell their stories

CANHR's Hopeful Connections makes the front page of our local paper. Hopeful Connections is a Alaska Native cancer survivor group, hosted by CANHR
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New video explains CANHR and community relationships

Recently, Blueberry Productions and Talking Circle Media, along with Bert Boyer, Scarlett Hopkins and others completed a short video explaining how CANHR does human health research.
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What's in your fish? Researcher studies contaminants and nutrients

Todd O’Hara was only looking for tiny pieces of fish for his contaminant and nutrient study.
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