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YKHC Human Studies Committee
Submissions need to be received at a minimum of 45 days before the scheduled HSC meeting. Not receiving a full submission or documents in the wrong format can delay the official date of receipt.

Read the cover sheet instructions carefully.

Human Studies Committee Dates 2024
January 16
March 11 (Anchorage)
June 3
August 19
October 14 (Anchorage)


Study Forms

2020 YKHC HSC study request sheet.docx

2021 YKHC HSC mscrpt or abstract sheet.docx

2020 YKHC Privacy Waiver Request Form.docx

2020 YKHC HSC annual update and or mod cover sht.docx

2023 YKHC HSC study closeout cover sheet.docx


 Manuscripts, Publications, and Presentation Forms

2019 YKHC HSC mscrpt or abstract modification sheet.docx

2020 YKHC HSC final publication.docx