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YKHC Human Studies Committee
Submissions are ideally submitted 2 months before our meetings to make sure they are reviewed at that meeting. We do not accept submissions after 1 month prior to the meeting, and if it is later than the 2-month date, there is no guarantee it will make it on our agenda.
Human Studies Committee Dates 2023
January 17
March 13
June 5
August 21
October 16


Study Forms

2020 YKHC HSC study request sheet.docx

2021 YKHC HSC mscrpt or abstract sheet.docx

2020 YKHC Privacy Waiver Request Form.docx

2020 YKHC HSC annual update and or mod cover sht.docx

2020 YKHC HSC study update closeout cover sheet.docx


 Manuscripts, Publications, and Presentation Forms

2019 YKHC HSC mscrpt or abstract modification sheet.docx

2020 YKHC HSC final publication.docx