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B-BASS: The Breath Biomarker of Added Sugar Study

Project location: Fairbanks, AK

Category: Diet, biomarker validation

Sprite and smarties, two of the components of the “high added sugar” diets in B-BASSMany aspects of health are related to diet, but those relationships are hard to detect because diet is difficult to measure accurately.  This is particularly true for added sugars, which are widely mis-reported in dietary questionnaires.  B-BASS tested whether the carbon isotope ratio of exhaled breath CO2 is increased by added sugar consumption, and thus, could be developed as an objective biomarker of added sugar intake.  The carbon isotope ratio is naturally high in corn and sugar cane, which are the source of most dietary added sugars.  As those are broken down and metabolized in the body, the carbon is released in the breath as CO2.  B-BASS had 12 participants, all of whom were UAF faculty, students or staff.  Each participant came in 5 times to eat breakfast and lunch provided by the study and give a breath sample every two hours.  Data analysis and manuscript preparation is ongoing, and we will be applying for additional funding to continue this work.  B-BASS is a collaboration with Dr. Dale Schoeller at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Project Staff: Jynene Black, Kristine Niles

Funded by: a 2-year pilot grant from COBRE II, NIH P30GM103325