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Piciryaratgun Calritlerkaq

Health Promotion in a Yup'ik Community: Improving Health Through Collaboration

Piciryaratggun Calritllerkaq is designed to test the feasibility of community development based health promotion and primary prevention in rural Alaska and to explore the acceptability of this approach to Alaska Native (AN) people, specifically to Yup’ik people. The focus of this study was to show changes in the variables directly related to the health promotion activities to demonstrate the immediate impact this approach to health promotion can have on AN populations. In other words, can community development based health promotion that is anchored in indigenous conceptualizations of wellness lead to actual change in behavior and attitudes related to cardiovascular disease?

This investigation has been developed in collaboration with the host community and the regional Tribal Health Corporation. The project examined specific ways in which this approach to cardiovascular health can develop a local infrastructure, knowledge base, and process to encourage and maintain lasting lifestyle improvements. The long-term goal of this research is to develop this project into a model for conducting health promotion in the region. We hypothesize that a culturally-based community-development approach to health promotion will increase physical activity, increase consumption of subsistence foods and/or healthy substitutes, and decrease stress levels. Eventually, changes in these behaviors and participants’ sense of well-being are expected to be related to an increase in protective blood lipid factors, healthy weight, and healthy blood pressure.

Cecile Lardon, PhD, Principal Investigator

Funded by NIH/National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research