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Validating Multiple Stable Isotope Measures of Diet in the NPAAS Feeding Study

Project location: Seattle, WA

Category: Diet, biomarker validation

Dr. Hee Young Yun, who is responsible for measuring stable isotope ratios of serum amino acidsMany aspects of health are related to diet, but those relationships are hard to detect because diet is difficult to measure accurately.  Biomarkers are natural chemical signatures found in blood or hair that can be used as objective measures of diet for health research.  This project tests whether biomarkers of fish and sugar intake that we have validated in the CANHR study can be used in other US populations, in collaboration with Dr. Johanna Lampe at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Our study participants are 150 women aged 60-80 years living in Seattle, WA, who participated in the "Nutritional and Physical Activity Assessment" (NPAAS) Feeding Study of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI).  Each participant was fed a controlled diet designed to match her usual intake for two weeks, allowing us to test relationships between known diet and novel chemical biomarkers of dietary intake.

Project Staff: Dr. Hee Young Yun, Jynene Black

Funded by: NIH R21 CA182674