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Witnessing Our Future

WOF Logo.pngThe Witnessing Our Future (WOF) project is a community driven, strengths-based suicide prevention initiative taking place within the Lummi Nation and Northwest Indian College communities. "For Every Youth a Witness" is the WOF vision statement, meaning all youth are to have someone to see and walk with them. WOF is guided by a local coalition made up of Lummi Elders, Youth, Community Members, Educators, and Behavioral Health providers, as well as other tribal entities; the witnesses. The project 1) works with the Lummi community to foster culturally-based programs and events that build strength and resilience, and 2) is developing the means to identify and support (witness) at-risk youth.

Witnessing Our Future Objectives

  • Through a community coalition effort our team will develop and implement a "Witnessing" surveillance system coordinates and centralizes data collection and monitoring activities for all Tribal youth serving programs on the Lummi reservation. Our Witnessing system will identify and provide assistance for youth at risk for suicide at the Northwest Indian College and in the Lummi community for the identified target population at highest risk (10-24 years old).
  • Our team will also assist with the establishment (with the WOF community coalition) of community-wide prevention efforts, that have as their source the Coast Salish values and teachings. These programs will foster culturally based preventative interventions for NWIC and Lummi Nation youth between the ages of (10-24 years old).

Witnessing Our Future aims to build awareness, hope and increase strength and resiliency with a vision; "to have each youth connected to their culture, community and future." The WOF Coalition meets monthly to plan and implement activities.

Embracing Your Sacredness Flyer.jpgProject Collaborative Team:

Stacy Rasmus
Tahnee Kawakone
Vincent Feliciano
Colleen Berg
William Freeman
William Connor
Sharon Coss
WOF Coalition

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), State Tribal Youth Suicide SM061482