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Projects by Researcher Name

Fish-to-Schools: A Model to Enhance Health and Food Security in Alaska Native Communities

The health of Alaska Native people is inextricably tied to their traditional food system. Degradation of the food system over the past several decades due to changes in climate and socioeconomic pressures, however, has resulted in a shift in dietary patterns and contributed to growing health disparities.

Genetics of Obesity

Obesity is a disease that can increase peoples’ risk for other diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. Some ethnic minorities are affected more than other groups of people.

Grandparents' Roles, Strengths, and Needs

Hibernation and DNA Repair

While the concept of hibernation may conjure thoughts of bears curling up for the winter, the Arctic Ground Squirrel (AGS; Spermophilus parryii) undergoes more extreme physiological changes and serves as an ideal organism for hibernation research.

Improving the oral health of Alaska Native (Yup’ik) Children and Adolescents

First steps in developing a community-centered intervention to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage intake.

Iqmik Toxicity and Genomic Stability

Iqmik is a smokeless tobacco mixture primarily used by the Alaska Native population in Bethel and surrounding communities.

Native Transformations Project: Discovering Sources of Strength and Resilience from Drug Abuse in the Pacific Northwest

Discovering sources of strength and resilience from drug abuse in the Pacific Northwest

Negem Nallunailkutaa: the Foods’ Marker Project

This study tested whether biomarkers, or chemical measures in blood and hair, could provide accurate information on dietary intake in an Alaska Native study population.

People Awakening

The People Awakening Project (PA) began in 2001 as a three-year research study of Alaska Native (AN) pathways to sobriety, today it continues in its fourth phase of programmatic investigation as the Elluam Tungiinun (ET) project.

Pharmacogenomic Research Network

The Northwest-Alaska Pharmacogenomic Research Network (NWA-PGRN) is led by scientists at the University of Washington and involves collaborations between investigators in CANHR, the University of Washington, the University of Montana and American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) community members in Alaska and Montana.